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Blessed are the kind-hearted.

Blessed are the imperfect.

Blessed are those who trust in goodness – but learn from experience.

Blessed are the funny, the witty, and the droll.

Blessed are the stupid, for they doth be amusing.

Blessed are those who preserve and run old movies.

Blessed are those who use a turn signal.

Blessed are the misunderstood; one day they shall be vindicated. Or at least learn not to give a rat’s ass.

Blessed are those with their head up their arse (because at least that shuts them up).

Blessed are they who do not forward chain letters.

Blessed are those who hope despite all of the evidence.

Blessed are those creative enough to design a bumper sticker that isn’t in the shape of a looped ribbon.

Blessed are they who still make, sell, buy, and read real books.

Blessed are the cheese makers.

Blessed are the silly for they lie closest to understanding the world.

Blessed are the lapsed Catholics.

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Happy Birthday, Old Friend Dear Giant Eagle/Brentwood

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