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Baked Potato Soup

On this cold and wintry day, I’m preparing homemade Baked Potato Soup, one of my favorite comfort foods. I highly recommend you try it sometime.

recipeNow, before you let yourself feel some sort of inadequate next to the wonderment of my ambition, any speculation of culinary skill, or an image of me that includes a cute apron and matching spatula . . . consider the following:

  • The idea to make this soup came to me because I noticed that the potatoes in the cupboard were close to growing ears and feet.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to find a hunk of onion in the veggie drawer. And it was about the right amount of onion . . . until I finished cutting off all of the dry and/or rubbery bits.
  • Instead of bacon, I used turkey bacon. Instead of sour cream, I used yogurt.

Multiple Choice: 
I chose the alternatives above because:
A.) I only buy super-nutritive and planet-responsible foods like vegetables grown in natural sunlight while listening to Enya and meat from non-methane-producing cows.
B.) I did not feel like going to the grocery store to get the right things.

  • Sharp cheddar cheese is the perfect choice for this recipe. Yep. I chopped up some nearly stiff slices of swiss foraged from the back of the lunchmeat drawer. Then, I tossed in a bit of parmesan that I’m still not sure about.
  • Had no chives, so I used parsley and dillweed. Parsley because, you know, it kind of looks like chives. Dillweed because it’s the funniest thing in the spice rack.
  • I did not parboil the potatoes. (I’m not 100 percent sure I know what parboil means.) I just dumped everything into a crock pot and turned it on.
  • First, I had to go get the crock pot, from where it has been sitting in the basement, just inside the door to the garage, since Thanksgiving.
  • Yes, Thanksgiving 2013, and, yes, it was clean. (But these are not unreasonable questions.)

With any luck, when I sit down to eat this, um, variation of Baked Potato Soup, I will not just spit it out with a grimace and a gag. ‘Cause then I’d probably have to get up off the couch to go change this lovely sweat pants and T-shirt ensemble.

Happy Friday. Bon Appétit!

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How To Make a Pie

Today, I was having over some impromptu company. Pulled pork in the crock pot and figured I’d make a quick pie using ready-made crust and canned filling. So, after I got home from a run to the grocery store, I realized . . . I forgot the crust.

Now, I am not a bad cook. But pie crust from scratch is my kitchen nemesis. I have just never been able to get it right. Yes, I considered a second trip to the grocery store, but laziness won out and I pulled out the recipe card box. I have six different recipes for pie crust. Not different pies. Just different ways to make pie crust. (You see, I have tried this before.)

This time, things appear to have turned out okay. So, I thought I’d share a how-to on pie making.

Step 1. Clear and clean some counter space in tiny kitchen and set out ingredients in neat rows (milk, flour, oil, salt, pie pan, bowl, measuring cups and spoons).

Step 2. Dig rolling pin and fancy (bought it cause I thought maybe that would help) pie-crust rolling mat out of kitchen drawer.

Step 3. Call mom to ask, “Does this recipe I got from you make 1 crust or 2?

Step 4. Mix 1-1/3 C flour and tsp. of salt in mixing bowl.

Step 5. Put 1/3 C oil and 3 Tbs. milk in measuring cup. Do not stir.

Step 6. Realize you will not have enough oil to make the second crust. Pick up measuring cup and run to neighbor’s house.

Step 7. As you leave the house, pull door shut tight behind you. As it clicks, realize that you have just locked yourself out of your house.

Step 8. Climb in through kitchen window, unlock front door, and leave house again to get oil from very kind neighbor.  

Step 9. Put all the ingredients together and stir using the big fancy whisk that has the neat little whisk ball inside of it.

Step 10. Dig dough bits out of whisk. Bend outer whisk to remove stupid ball thingie and dig dough bits out of that with a fork.

Step 11. Throw fancy whisk into sink and finish mixing with hands.

Step 12. Layout fancy Tupperware rolling mat, sprinkle mat, rolling pin, self, floor, and counter top liberally with flour.

Step 13. Make more counter space in tiny kitchen so you have room to actually use a rolling pin properly.

Step 14. Roll dough out, aiming for the perfect 9” circle that is imprinted on fancy rolling mat.

Step 15. Steal chunks of amoeba-shaped dough and add to spots where there is no dough.

Step 16. Look at dough. Look at pie pan. After some thought, place pie pan upside-down on dough. Flip over entire mat. When cloud of flour clears, see that this worked just fine.

Step 17. Steal more bits of dough to Frankestein a somewhat circular, somewhat full-coverage bottom layer.

Step 18. Remove everything that you cleared from counter from out of the cupboard where you store the can opener. Open pie filling can. Dump into bottom crust. 

Step 19. Make second crust, repeating most of the steps above. And crimp edges.

Step 20. Poke in some pie holes with a fork.

Step 21. Cover pie in wax paper and foil. Place on a dinner plate. And slide into refrigerator.

Step 22. Call Mom to ask, “Hey, what temp and how long do you bake a pie?” and “Oh, so I should bake it now instead of waiting til dinner time?

Step 23. Preheat over to 425 degrees and remove pie from refrigerator. Remove foil. Remove wax paper. Place pie in oven.

Step 24. Remove pie from oven and take it off of the dinner plate. Put pie back in oven.

Step 25. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes. Use that piece of foil to cover crust edges to keep them from burning. Then, bake at 350 degrees for half an hour.

Step 26. Remove from oven and place on cooling rack to cool for at least 2 hours to “let filling settle” (according to

Step 27. Enjoy! (I hope.)







Have any tips for making pie crust? Please do share them with me in the comments box.

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