Super Bowl Commercials

February 3, 2014 at 5:20 pm 2 comments

Okay, I watch the Super Bowl because I like football. And it annoys me that it has become an advertising show interspersed with a few minutes of football. There was a time when the few commercials run during the big game became a sort of delightful surprise. But, as too often happens when advertisers discover a spark of cool (and misinterpret its appeal), Super Bowl advertising has become an overdone, over-hyped display of the mostly weird.

My 2 million cents.

Bruce Willis Honda Hug Commercial
Hi, we’re Honda. We sell cars. But we spent a trunk load of money on a commercial to say that what’s really important isn’t a car but to watch the Super Bowl with people you care about and give them a hug. Oh, and here are two guys who will make that potentially sincere message feel silly and odd.

T-Mobile (Simple pink background with text.)
“Maybe next year we’ll hire a big celebrity.” Loved it. Brilliant.

Coke/America the Beautiful
I get and like America’s melting pot personality, and I appreciate Coke’s world view. They did it so well with “I’d like to teach the world to sing.” But America the Beautiful? Hmm. For Coke’s global audience, isn’t that a tad rude? And for Coke’s American audience, wasn’t that a little preachy, bordering on unpatriotic?

Bob Dylan for . . . (was it Chevy?)
“Nothing is more American than America”? Huh. Also, nothing is more sliced and bready than sliced bread.

Budweiser Puppy-Horse Commercial
I almost loved it. But I wouldn’t have picked “Puppy Love” as the theme song. (Are the dog and horse “best buds” as the clever tagline says or are they in love?)

Were I the creative director, the friendship between the horse and dog would have brought the farmer and dog breeder together. (Wouldn’t that have been better than, as one friend put it, a carjacking?)

In a word, Wonderful. One of the few ads in which using a celebrity meshes perfectly with their existing advertising campaign. And Colbert was his normal, deadpan hilarious self. (Pistachio!)

Matrix Car Commercial
Today, I am going to turn Nessun Dorma (one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written) up loud and hope that Pavarotti can help me forget I ever saw/heard this commercial. (Also, interesting, using a song about not knowing a name to run a commercial for which I cannot remember the brand.)

Go Daddy’s Muscle Men Running to Tanning Salon
I thought this one was fun—and a much more appropriate campaign for the Go Daddy target audience than their previous ads aimed at those needing a domain name for a porn site.

Cheerios Little Brother and a Puppy
I still don’t have any idea why people are so upset about the depiction of this mixed race family. But I’m never a fan of portraying children as manipulative little brats who get their way.

Butterfinger Candy Ménage
Saved the worst for last. Creepy concept. Creepy people. And the worlds worst marriage therapist.

P.S. If the name of your candy bar includes the words butt and finger, perhaps you should avoid the deviant sex analogy?

Butterfinger Fail



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  • 1. WritingbyEar  |  February 3, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    Ha! And the peanut butter guy at the beginning of the “menage” commercial nicknames himself “NutButt.” Personally, I liked the Radio Shack commercial poking fun at themselves with all the ’80s icons. Think the Coke commercial would have been better had they redone “I’d like to teach the world to sing” in many languages…(or maybe they already did that sometime?) — anyway, does anyone really think anyone is out there singing America the Beautiful in another language? Also really disappointed in the Heinz commercial — people in the know know you don’t slap the bottle on the bottom, but tap it on the 57 on the side.


    • 2. B. Schmidt  |  February 3, 2014 at 6:09 pm

      He didn’t call himself nutbutt!? I missed that. Wow, haha. I did like the Radio Shack one, forgot about it. Had the same thought about “teach the world to sing”; that would have been cool. Forgot about Heinz one, thought it was cute-ish except for the gratuitous fart joke. (And you are right about tapping on the side. :)



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