Goals Accomplished. Sort of.

November 26, 2012 at 2:03 am 2 comments

I had ambitious plans for the past week of stay-cation. In review, my to-do list:

Goal:  Put books back onto new shelves in office room.
Accomplished and enjoyed. (Proving once again that I am just about 1 chromosome short of being OCD.)

Goal:  Move old office furniture to basement.
Not accomplished. Stuff was way too heavy and I am way too clutzy.

Goal:  Prevent self from being found dead and crumpled at foot of basement stairs beneath ginormous bookcase.

Goal:  Work out every day.
Accomplished. (Except for the every day part.)

Goal:  Tidy up house.

Goal:  Stay up late and sleep in a lot.

Goal:  Buy wine.

Goal:  Break open the new Abbott & Costello DVD set.

Goal:  Tidy up the yard, put remaining porch furniture back into storage, clean gutters, hire someone to cut down trees.
Ahem. Um. There’s always next weekend? Or next spring?

Goal:  Take Goodwill pile to Goodwill.
Nope, it’s still in my basement. But the pile is decidedly bigger now.

Goal:  Get basement carpeted.

Goal:  Take pile of clothes to dry cleaner; hem new pants.
Nope and nope.

Goal:  Update address book.
Made it to the Ks. Got bored.

Goal:  Clean out garage.
ha! Nope.

Goal:  Enjoy a 1:00 Steelers game.

Goal:  Scratch off pile of saved up lottery tickets and win enough money to avoid going back to work ever again.


Doesn’t seem like I did much of what I thought I ought to. But, as my week off ends, I am relaxed and (trying hard to ignore the incessant chuckling and lip-smacking of the Back-to-Work Demons) feeling happy and destressified, which was my number 1 goal really. No airplane ride, no scenic drives, no souvenirs, no new vistas, but the house feels a bit more feng-shui-ish, there’s clean underwear in the drawer, there are new Abbott & Costello giggles in my head, and there’s still some wine left in the ‘fridge. It was a life-preserving week, and I think I’ll be okay.

Good night.

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