Always Missed. Never Forgotten.

October 22, 2011 at 5:26 am Leave a comment

Five years ago today, the world lost one of its best, our friend Damon Garde. To those who know, I say “Always missed. Never forgotten.”

Our lives have, somehow, gone on. Grief abated to a point that let’s us function. We are forever changed, but we have, as people do, found ways to return to almost-normal. We were broken but we have worked together to patch those places by helping each other, by living life, by honoring the uniquely wonderful being that was Damon, by remembering.

The best we can do is to remember.

Remember the freedom of being with a friend who accepted exactly who you are. And try to be accepting and inclusive of the new people you meet.

Remember how he danced. And, given the opportunity, get up and pull someone out there with you. Keep an eye out for those who might not otherwise get asked.

Remember a water skiing adventure or a motorcycle ride. And don’t let too many days or months go by without interrupting the daily grind with a bit of free-form hilarity.

Remember the freely, happily given support, and take the time out of your busy days to lend a helping hand. And. When someone wants to help you, be able, as he once advised me, to “just stand back and receive the love.”

Remember his quirkiness. And keep an eye out in this busy crowded world for those oh-so-rare individuals who will re-define your definition of cool.

Remember volleyball or golf or ping pong or the infamous synchronized swim. And don’t ever forget that fun is out there to be cheered, created from thin air, or jumped into with abandon.

Remember his profession and the signature mailman jacket. And, as he suggested, leave an occasional Twinkie in the mailbox and slip your postal worker a 20 at Christmastime.

Remember his ingenuity. And don’t be afraid to take on a project, to use your imagination, to build something that will last.

Remember that life goes by fast. And make time for your friends, for your family, for your passions, for the things that bring you joy.

Remember his friendship. And, remember that, no matter what life brings, you have been lucky enough.

Remember that great big, genuine grin. And don’t forget, even today, to smile.

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