Good Bad Stupid

July 14, 2011 at 12:53 pm 1 comment

Good  Being a Steeler.
Bad  Being a Raven.
Just Plain Stupid  A Steeler mouthing off in a way that makes Ray Lewis seem lucid and polite.

Good  The Second Amendment.
Bad  Glorifying violence.
Just Plain Stupid  Posing half-naked with guns on a magazine cover while calling yourself a hit man, when others in your industry and from the very town you live in have died tragically and recently by gunfire.

Good  Being a supportive teammate.
Bad  Being mean to your friends.
Just Plain Stupid  Ripping on Rashard Mendenhall for something other than his tweets.

Good  Being a great linebacker. 
Bad  Being a great disappointment.
Just Plain Stupid  Being a great big ass.

Good  Having fans who are so loyal and sport savvy that they will pay your fine in a way that is both supportive and funny.
Bad “Egregious and elevated hits that violate rules.”
Just Plain Stupid  Slamming teammates.

Good  Playing football for a living.
Bad  Being on strike.
Just Plain Stupid  Not being able to find something constructive to do with all of your money and free time.

Good  Looking both ways before crossing the street.
Bad  Peeing in public.
Funny but Just Plain Stupid  Saying, to a reporter, that you wouldn’t cross the street to pee on Goddell if he were on fire.

Good  Not sucking up to an unqualified commissioner.
Bad  Calling said commissioner names in public.
Just Plain Stupid  Talking like an insensitive, uninformed school boy when you’re supposed to be a professional.

Good  Being fair minded.
Bad  Being overly critical of someone who makes a mistake.
Just Plain Stupid  Saying “It’s just James being James.” as if that makes it acceptable to be astonishingly mean, preposterously self-centered, a stinky teammate, and an embarrassment to the entire city.

Good  Being candid.  
Bad  Lying and blaming others when you’ve made a mistake.  
Just Plain Stupid  Telling everyone a reporter twisted your words when you know damn well the dude was recording it.

Good  How a fan feels about cheering for a team with respected ownership, a proud legacy, a lot of talent, and a belief that their heroes are the good guys.  
Bad  How a lot of Steeler fans feel right now.
Just Plain Stupid  James Harrison.

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  • 1. Lee Ann Bennardo  |  July 15, 2011 at 2:48 am

    I love it!
    Well said!



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