Every Creche Has Its Jackass

December 8, 2010 at 11:11 am Leave a comment

If it is Valentine’s Day, and I don’t have a boyfriend, should I fight to ban pink hearts and bouquets of flowers?

If it is Veteran’s Day, and I never served, should I spend my days trying to ban parades?

If a total stranger has a Birthday or a non-Christian recognizes a holy day I am unfamiliar with, I have no issue. People that are not me are welcome to their own special day, and I truly hope they take the time to do whatever it is they want or need to do to commemorate, celebrate, and feel joy about that particular day.

Right? Yeah.

So, can anyone explain to me, why exactly some people have such a bug up their chimney when it comes to Christmas?

I’m not trying to be a smart-alec. I really truly logically emotionally thoughtfully confoundedly just don’t get it.

So, you don’t believe that Jesus was born in a manger. Okay. That’s fine; you don’t believe he was born in a manger. Why get so upset over somebody else displaying such a scene?

It’s not directed at you. It’s directed at those for whom it has meaning. Plastic wisemen cannot hurt you. The entire manger scene, complete with angels, a big ol’ star, and even a halo round a baby’s head, cannot—if you have conviction in your own soul, sincerity in your heart, or a brain cell in your head—change your own beliefs or alter your world view.

For you, the story of Jesus Christ is a fiction.

Do you run screaming for justice when you see a Spiderman movie poster in a store window? Should Shakespeare’s or Austen’s or Melville’s characters be banned? Are you offended by Snow White figurines?

Seriously, if you don’t believe in Christmas, what is the big honkin’ deal?

So, it’s not for you. Don’t celebrate it. Don’t put a Creche in your own front yard. There are certainly plenty of other takes on the holiday (Santa, reindeer, trees, cookies, cinnamon-crusted pecans, egg nog, champagne, stockings, candy canes, sparkle season, misfits and heatmeisers and grinches, good will toward men, and more). Maybe you don’t like any of that stuff. That’s okay, too. I don’t want to change your mind or send Jacob Marley to the foot of your bed. I don’t feel bad for you. To each his own.

December 25th is Christmas. It’s one day on the calendar. It’s a Federal holiday because it happens to be a day worth noting for a big chunk of the population. (We’re not doing it to upset you.)

Might I suggest that, before you call a lawyer, take a moment, settle in next to a roaring fire, down a chill pill or two, and see if you can’t think of something more deserving of your time and tears than having a hissy over Christmas decorations.

Shut up your shuttin’ up already and enjoy the extra day off. You’re welcome.


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