Overnight Fun Night

January 9, 2010 at 5:06 am 1 comment

It’s Saturday and I’m preparing the house for the arrival of Alex and Hannah, my niece and nephew. (Two of my most favorite “life preservers.”)

I am neatening up. (Why is it exactly that we adults feel the need to portray ourselves as tidy? Why do we try to set a good example even though, we now know better?) I know the kids don’t care, and they will soon fill this house with messes of their own. Within minutes of their arrival, every surface in my house will be scattered with items unfamiliar to a childless woman’s life. Transformers, Lego, and Star Wars action figures sitting precariously near antique depression glass; stuffed animals among the Pier 1 throw pillows. Tiny shirts, tiny pants, tiny socks flung about. Craft kits. Board games. Model planes. Cars. DVDs. DSi.

The little suitcases they travel with are like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.

They are 10 and 12 now, which is a very cool age. The moments when they talk, act, think like small adults come more often. But, they are still young enough to be giddy with excitement to come sleep on my floor.

I would like to point out that there is an extra bed and a couch for them, but they actually prefer to sleep on couch cushions on the floor around my bed. And I enjoy that, too, because we inevitably fall asleep giggling. And, in the morning, they climb up into the bed and we snuggle and giggle some more–and that’s a pretty darn fine way to start any day.)

Having them here is less like babysitting and more like a slumber party. With midgets.

We’ll play video games, rent a movie, and probably make snow angels. (I’ve been wanting to all week, and the kids are my cover.) We’ll eat stuff like pancakes and hamburgers (instead of Lean Cuisine, canned soup). And we’ll have Lorna Doones.

There will always be Lorna Doones when they come visit.  (My grandparents once lived in this house. And when my brother, sister, and I would come visit, my gram would stand near the back door with a cookie jar. We’d file by and she’d hand each of us a couple of Lorna Doones, and we’d go out back and sit in the yard and eat them like chipmunks. Quickly gnawing the little squares of shortbread. )

So the first time that Alex and Hannah came to visit, I bought some Lorna Doone cookies. Their father, my brother, and I smiled at each other as I ceremoniously handed them each a Lorna Doone. I told the story of why they were important to me, why it was the first thing they received upon arrival. You don’t think kids get that stuff. But, about an hour later, Alex (who was probably about 5 at the time), walked up to me and inquired, “May I please have another of the special little cookies?”

They got it. And it is now a tradition for them as well.

Today’s question:  What’s your favorite tradition to pass on to the kids in your life? Or. Have you ever had a slumber party with a midget?

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  • 1. Ruth  |  January 15, 2010 at 4:47 am

    yes, I have slumber parties with midgets (I too have an extra bed and a “Couch” bed.

    Special tradition at Aunt Ruthie’s is home-made pizza (well, the shells are from Stagno’s or Giant Eagle).



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