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I Love the Stuff Zombies Hate

“Zombies Hates Stuff” by Greg Stones

Had to share the latest from Greg Stones. It’s “Zombies Hate Stuff.” It’s less than $10 and it’s available from:

Chronicle Books

Barnes & Noble

Urban Outfitters

Same prices on each site ($9.95). Buy at least two because you’re going to want to share this one, but you’re not going to want to give away your copy. It’s a uniquely hilarious book of charming-but-twisted paintings depicting zombies and the stuff they hate (like clowns or hippies or kittens).  Each page is a little masterpiece that will make you giggle—that is, as long as you have a sense of humor. Great gift for Walking Dead fans, hard-to-shop-for teens, friends, and zombies. Not a picture book for toddlers. Probably not for grandmas. Unless your grandma is wickedly cool.

Even if you don’t buy the book, treat yourself to a little Happy Friday giggling and take a peek.

p.s. I have written about Greg Stones before. I own a couple prints and am the insanely proud owner of a Greg Stones custom original called “The Observer”:

June 15, 2012 at 9:01 am 2 comments

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