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Snail Mail My Email 2013

SMME cartoonIt’s that time of year again. Snail Mail My Email has begun. (Here’s another Life Preservers post about the project:   Snail Mail My Email Project.)

For one week only (this week!), the Snail Mail My Email team will take your email, hand-write it, decorate it, and mail it. For free. Want to send a one-of-a-kind letter? Go to the Snail Mail My Email website.

Or think about writing a letter to someone this week!

The Snail Mail My Email project was created in 2011 by artist Ivan Cash. In that first year 234 volunteers collectively sent 10,457 letters to 70 countries in just one month. The project has since transitioned to a week-long annual event held every fall. And it’s going on now.

The project has also been captured in a book, which is for sale on amazon.



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