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Snail Mail My Email 2013

SMME cartoonIt’s that time of year again. Snail Mail My Email has begun. (Here’s another Life Preservers post about the project:   Snail Mail My Email Project.)

For one week only (this week!), the Snail Mail My Email team will take your email, hand-write it, decorate it, and mail it. For free. Want to send a one-of-a-kind letter? Go to the Snail Mail My Email website.

Or think about writing a letter to someone this week!

The Snail Mail My Email project was created in 2011 by artist Ivan Cash. In that first year 234 volunteers collectively sent 10,457 letters to 70 countries in just one month. The project has since transitioned to a week-long annual event held every fall. And it’s going on now.

The project has also been captured in a book, which is for sale on amazon.



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Snail Mail Book – Coming in November

Was very excited to hear the news today. Snail Mail My Email book will be out in November. It’s available for pre-order today. (And yes, mine is already ordered.)

Snail Mail My Email was a fun letter-writing project created by Ivan Cash. I shared a bit about the project last summer.

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Snail Mail My Email Project

A few weeks back, via a friend’s facebook post (thanks Brett), I heard about, a site where you could type in an email and have it turned into a letter and mailed for free. When I went to take a look, I learned that they had been completely bombarded with responses and were looking for volunteers to help transcribe.

Well. I have decent penmanship. I can doodle a bit. And, although I have embraced the ease and speed of computers, I have also grieved the disappearance of real letters from the world. I still have shoeboxes full of them, but it’s been a very long time since I added anything to the box other than, say, a store-bought card that made me laugh especially hard, feel especially good, and/or came with the signature of a niece or nephew.

So I signed up. Here are a few examples of the emails I snail-mail’ed:

1. There were some really wonderful expressions of love and marriage. Here’s a short, sweet, Serbian one that was headed for a lady in Croatia. I also had letters that were written in German, Polish, Spanish, French, and Hungarian. (Thank goodness for

2. There were letters to and from roommates, colleagues, siblings, parents, children, grandparents . . . and pets.

3. The Award for Initially Baffling But Most Hilarious Request goes to Derek who’s email included this request:  “Please include a picture of two (preferably male and female) giant sandwiches getting married while drinking beer.”

Although it will be nice to see the dining room table looking like a table for dining instead of the opening scene of Hoarders as directed by Dr. Seuss, I will miss this project. It’s been an honor to help put words of friendship, love, joy, encouragement, understanding, gratitude, and lunchmeat out into the world.

Cheers and Thanks to Ivan Cash in San Francisco who created the project. And shared the fun.


You can see more about the project, letter destinations, and the coverage the project has gotten on the website. Please note that all images/letters are property of snailmailmyemail, used here with permission. 

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