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Hilarious: Wrong Hands Cartoonist

Humor is a life preserver, so here’s some to start your week. I think this guy’s work is absolutely hilarious. Check out his “Wrong Hands” website for more. All of the following cartoons are the creation of and property of John Atkinson. ©John Atkinson, Wrong Hands.







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The Five Stages

The Five Stages of . . . being sick and out of ginger ale.

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Another Creepy Facebook Ad

FBdatingadSaw this ad on my facebook page today.

1. I am not signed up for Although I must admit I’m curious: What happens in 2014?

2. I find the wording hilarious, especially given the photo of this man in a vehicle. Um, should I be checking the rearview mirror while running errands today?

3. btw, this isn’t (according to facebook) the only handsome, eligible guy in my vicinity who is aware of me and wants to date me. Yeahhhhh, that sounds about right. Boys lining up. Always makes it so hard to back the car out of the garage.

4. So, is facebook doing this with my photo? Are there strange men across the world (or “nearby”!) who are seeing my photo and being told I want to date them? If so, how do they select the photo? Imagine if they pulled this one from my facebook profile:

So, dear facebook (and other) friends, a request: If you see one of these fellows following me around, please alert me and protect me.

But, you know, don’t scare him off.

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I Love the Stuff Zombies Hate

“Zombies Hates Stuff” by Greg Stones

Had to share the latest from Greg Stones. It’s “Zombies Hate Stuff.” It’s less than $10 and it’s available from:

Chronicle Books

Barnes & Noble

Urban Outfitters

Same prices on each site ($9.95). Buy at least two because you’re going to want to share this one, but you’re not going to want to give away your copy. It’s a uniquely hilarious book of charming-but-twisted paintings depicting zombies and the stuff they hate (like clowns or hippies or kittens).  Each page is a little masterpiece that will make you giggle—that is, as long as you have a sense of humor. Great gift for Walking Dead fans, hard-to-shop-for teens, friends, and zombies. Not a picture book for toddlers. Probably not for grandmas. Unless your grandma is wickedly cool.

Even if you don’t buy the book, treat yourself to a little Happy Friday giggling and take a peek.

p.s. I have written about Greg Stones before. I own a couple prints and am the insanely proud owner of a Greg Stones custom original called “The Observer”:

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Greg Stones’ Art

Every once in a while a total stranger can be a life preserver. Discovering, out there in the world, someone who is living life in a fun and creative way, making (I hope) a good living using a talent and a sense of humor that can only be one-of-a-kind, that delights and inspires me. 

Some people, you don’t have to know them well to just be damn glad they are on the planet.

If you have never seen any of the wicked little masterpieces painted by Greg Stones, do yourself a favor and take a peek.

First saw this guy’s stuff at a local arts festival. Stood there and, the massive flow of glancing, mooing bumpers and nudgers be damned, I stayed and looked at just about every print in the booth. And kept snickering. And (agonizingly) selected a few prints out of the many I wanted to remember forever to take home. Looked for him the next year and bought a few more. All but one of the prints have been given as gifts. “The Sheep Don’t Care” (pictured here) is displayed on my dresser so I can see it every day. It’s been there for four or five years now, and it still inspires me, still makes me giggle.

The artist has also put together 3 books. The first was “Goodbye, Penguins,” which I purchased with blind anticipation, read (and re-read) with glee, and gifted with joy (while keeping a copy for myself, of course). 

I changed jobs and have missed the arts festival for a couple of years, but, while adding some fun links to the blog here the other day, I discovered (and immediately ordered) two new Greg Stones books: “Zombies Hate Stuff” and “The Fort.” (“Goodbye, Penguins” and “Zombies Hate Stuff” are available from the website, linked above. “The Fort” I found on

“The Fort” arrived today. I opened the box, removed the book from the cellophane wrapping, and, with the intention of heading to the couch, ended up just standing, transfixed, in the middle of the room to have my first look through it. (And, I’m real lazy. And the couch was only about four feet away.)

Love it! Recommend it! Want everyone I know to read it! (But, uh, no; there is no way you’re borrowing my copy so don’t even ask.)

“Zombies Hate Stuff” has also arrived. But I have not read it yet. Like the last homemade chocolate chip cookie or the bottle of wine I carried home from Italy, I’m saving it for later. (But also as with those other things, I doubt I will be able to wait too long ’cause I know it’s going to be so good.)

If you’ve got a wicked sense of humor (and/or if you like the idea of supporting someone truly original, funny, and creative in this crazy, conformist, copycat, chew-it-up-spit-it-out, grind-them-down, toe-the-line world we oddballs and secret champions masquerade in), well, then, check him out for yourself. As in, go ahead, you do it, I’ve done as much as I can here and also as in do it for yourself, as a treat.

Happy Friday folks.

Know a great artist or otherwise original being who inspires you? Post them in the comments box.

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